Thursday, February 5, 2009

TADAIMA!: I'm back ! ( or Some come, some go...)

Haaaa! School life....

One day all is under control, the other you hope to get through that ridiculously empty, self-absorbed, , "post-modern" bs-full French deconstructivist jargon - all 250 pages of that disgusting, vile stuff - and, at the same time, not rip all your hair out at the gall of the Republicans to try that "we are the common people" barf inducing joke again and again.... And see them succeed, again and again!!

Yep, so I'm studying Japanese/French/comparative literature and translation. Last leg before starting my Master's, if all goes well, so I'm psyched!

But Obama is still in the back of my mind and I was soooo proud of him, even though 2 HUGE party-pooper problems still made me wish for perfection to exist...

Yeah, one is easy to guess because it's bloody, ugly and shameless despite all proof: it's Gaza.

The other might be more difficult to understand for those who are still on post-election cloud 9: the Democrats systematic capitulation of the agenda setting's rhythm to the Republicans.

Still, to this day, we have to "negotiate", we have to give them the damn inch that they will transform exponentially and voraciously into light-years, we have to act kindly while they stump their feet.

Every mother of a 2 or 3 years old knows what to do in a case like this but not the bleeding heart Dems.

When a child is having a tantrum, you watch him kindly, smile and move away firmly and resolutely from the scene. You wait 'till they get their senses back, then you repeat your instructions until they sink in.

You do not give in. You do not negotiate (too much. But that depends on the degree of maturity of your toddler. Since this is the Repugs we're talking about, the level is -1 to nil. So just skip that part), you do not give candy for bad behaviour and to make peace at all cost or to look good for company because then your toddler will take you for a deranged idiot, and rightly so.

You stand firm.

When will that happen, with the Dems?

Good that some nutcases have left the building, but this sinking ship is still full of rats.
Obama, our new captain and his crew must do all in their power to keep us safe, not throw us overboard or feed us to the disloyal, deceiving thieves that put us all in this mess in the first place...