Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Glass Art from Dale Chihuly.

Beautiful pieces from the artist Dale Chihuly. You can see more of his pieces at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona right now. Or visit his web site at

Found on the Very Very Fun web site.


  1. I love this art. I have to do research on him.
    or you. Whoever i'm talking to. lol.

  2. I need to prepare a proposal about Dale Chihly's a work of art for Art&Design History lecture.
    From where I can find specific information about the second picture above?

  3. Hello!

    A lot of you are wondering who Dale Chihuly is and where they can get a hold of him.

    Unfortunately, I could not tell you much more than his personal blog could, so I would suggest you contact him at the address stated above,, or even at Wikipedia,

    Hope that helps and thanks for your time!


  4. it verey rel;axing

  5. Dale Chihuly is one of my favorite artists and would have been right at home in the Renaissance with Michelangelo and Leonardo.

  6. Please put an attribution right next to my photos, as required by my Creative Commons license.
    It should read "Photo by Timothy K. Hamilton"
    Thank you, and thanks for using my photos.
    In addition, flickr has a rule that there should be a link from the photo itself back to the original webpage of the photo on flickr.
    The link to the Chihuly "onions" is:
    The second copyrighted photo from the bottom of the three bottles is NOT a Chihuly, but is in fact glass by Sam Stang.
    Thanks !!

  7. I really like his works. I've seen one in London's museum and fell in love. They are so wonderful and kind of magic.