Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Love Him... But I just Want to Kick his Butt

'I really do love him but…' It's what comes to mind every time I see him.

Yes, I'm talking about my ex.

But I'm also talking about my dear President.

The list gets longer after the' but' in my ex's case. Unfortunately, it's starting to be the same situation with my Prez.

Who writes his speeches? Who could tell him he's not in class or in court anymore? Who could tell him to buy a barf bag, sit down and actually study Bush-moron Junior for a little while?

I'm shocked at my self to even suggest this but O.B. Man needs to study the nitwit in chief and let some of his sweat locker monosyllabic charm rub off on him.

'O the Man' forgot that what he was voted for was to be the champion of the Little Guys of the nation, the champion of inclusion and the end of exploitation of the Everyday people by the 1% of the Porky Pigs (thus, the Nobel. But those feelings of vindication are so long past and forgotten, we just don't know why O's here anymore.)

He should remember that the middle class put him as Commander-in-Chief to clean house and bust heads. (Yeah… They were stereotyping.) And he needs to lead by being clear about his targets, zeroing in on identifiable enemies and stopping all appeasement actions toward the neo-KKK movement now at the heart of the so-called Republican party.

'Cynical claims...' speech lingo, talk-show tennis talk and, no, not even a consumer protection bill won't cut it (Funnily enough, most won't feel concern about it as rules can sometimes be easily circumvent by business, as we all saw…)

We feel hesitancy, anxiety and downright unwillingness to shake up the established order of things. People pleasing is not an attractive quality in a leader.

Bill Scher of Liberal Oasis talks about the need for the US to remember who we are. I would add a nuance and say that the US needs to remember that we can change and accomplished more by cooperation than savage competition. That we always did. That's who we can be anytime we chose to. And no one give a tone and a sense of identity or direction to this nation as it's President.

Well, it's between him and Paris Hilton.

Seriously though, Obama is poised to become one of the greatest. If he can find the right voice to communicate with his constituents, if he can learn from all his predecessors and most importantly, if he starts to yield a big whacking stick that he'll use unapologetically for the common good.

I'm shock again, but Biden did it well against Vampire-in-chief Cheney. Simple, monosyllabic and on target.

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