Monday, December 5, 2011

Politics in the Ruins

I was over and out.  I was burned and discourage. Cain, Romney, Perry, Gingrich!!!! Obama becoming a ghost, a revolution thwarted and drown in an overabundance of futile insipid information. Harper donning faked glasses and being re-elected with a majority. Jack Layton dying, brave and so close to his goal...

I love politics. It's where we can create and shape the future. It is a fact that one wants it or not. Those who think we can live without it are actually the one being shaped - by events they hope are out of their control. Being passive is choice in itself.

What I see now is a deep transformation of our society into a constant war zone. We have enemies everywhere and 2 generations of children who do not know what living in a time of peace and diversity of point of view can be like. Our principal resources are canalized into weapons and the military. Helping those in need is now seen as a taxing childish pipe dream. Debt controls our lives and the institutions who should  serves citizens now serves corporate citizens who give back nothing but the prospect of minimum wage for most. Extremist views are now normalized, police are using sound cannon for crowd control and cataloging protests' participants...

So yeah, for a year, I unplugged.

I'm back because some of you left me messages- a midst the usual spam fest- that were heartwarming and fun. I'm back because I just love beautiful stuff and like to share them with you. I'm back because being shell shock by the "New World Order" is not an excuse big enough for giving up.

So, without further ado, let me shut up and blog away...

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