Friday, March 26, 2010

Early Morning Pick me up Ditty of the Week

I rediscovered the CBC. They wake me up every morning now and I'm liking it more and more.

I also savor every day the irony that  if I want to get a good mix of alternative rock, classic and old decades standards - including jazz and blues -  music, I can only count on my national public radio. All private radio have been formatted to death as to become lifeless clones of one another, as we all know. Their only goal is to jam the same repetitive, mindless, "products" down our collective throat.

And they wonder why radio is dead.

Radio is the perfect example of the wide divide that exist between the theory of competitive diversity and how it is applied right now. The forces at work are destroying opportunities for dissident voices and different approaches to problems. At the same time, they are destroying opportunities for a healthy, diversify, striving competitive market.

Monopolies are being born and small businesses, the real way to attain economical independence and fortitude for most of us little guys, are snip at the bud.

So, obviously, I never said that capitalism is bad or its fundamental principals are without merits: it is the way that greed transforms this ideology into a destructive force, as it always does with all ideologies, that makes it
so unnerving.

Repugs are not fighting for freedom or democracy or even capitalism, but for a pure oligarchic dominion of sovereign monopolies.

Companies as the new kings and queens of Americas, left unchecked to act as they please...

Now cue to music. This song as been in my head - in a good way - for a whole week now.

It's called Kick Drum Heart from the Avett Brothers. It's cute and wild and it rocks hard all at the same time.

A totally schizo of a good time, banjo included.

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