Monday, March 22, 2010

Partisan Politics: Watch Where you Shop....

Well,  being in Greedland, one have to align oneself to the level of the Greed people and talk a language they will understand.

To get their attention, words like Democracy, Freedom and Respect can't translate well since they mean an entirely new thing in Greed speech as we can see when Pope Glen Beck the Loonie and Fuhrer Rush use them to talk to the fateful masses.

So, the only alternative left is to vote with your money. Put your cash where YOUR will is not theirs.

Not a new concept, I know, but still effective. Most of the time old ideas (like Democracy, Freedom and Respect) are the way to go. Look at how Repug have been using the same scare tactics since the Reconstruction and how it still work like a Swiss clock!

So here's a wonderful tool to help you think before you shop:

Partisan Political Contributions by U.S. Companies

Companies donate to political campaigns in order to gain some leverage over policy making processes.  This fun interactive graphic (via) allows you to see which companies donate primarily to Republican and Democratic campaigns, and which straddle the political fence.  These are the companies with the largest total contribution:
The most Republican leaning:
The most Democratic leaning:
You can also search by type of company.  For example, media and entertainment:

Many thanks to and the Good Guide for those illuminating graphics.

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