Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inverted Cannibalism: How the US is Eating its Young By Chris Hedge

We all have seen the signs, the strange discomfort is changing into outright disbelief, but not too many can argue now that everything is well in the Republic of Palin and Snookie.

The Right is doing its job all right but the Left is seen as impotent, even thought all the political capital in the world were thrown at it so as to shake up, shape up and reaffirm this thing called democracy in a society that should not shudder at the mere mention of empathy and that assuredly should regard compassion and justice as valuable human principles.

TruthDig Chris Hedge's talk on 'The Death of the Liberal Class' go further into the dissection of the disease that seems to erode all the Left's political endeavors.

An eye opener and a somber take on the history, as well as the uncertain future, of a broken republic.

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