Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter to Obama: Please Read, Mr. President, About What Will Be Done on Your Watch...

I do see your need, Mr. President,  to not let the crazies run the asylum and to resist the lowering of the public debate to the basest level where Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, Rove, O'Reilly, Politico, half of the AP and 'new bestselling author' Bush are thriving but resisting alone won't change the debate.

There is a communication vacuum in the Democrat's camp. First, because the right-wing media are owning and shaping every debates, but also because the democrats themselves are scared of their own message. They are afraid of the political price to pay to embrace a socially responsible agenda. They do not even make a concerted effort to redefine or repackage those ideas into more palatable fare to the scared right wing extremists.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain, when we said change, we did not mean 'Kiss up to every republican shill, shady economists or fraudulent health care industry's lobbyists you met.' It meant: 'For once, let there be somebody on Capitol Hill that fights for us instead of his private club buddies.' It meant: 'You have a blank check and ammunition: now fight!'

Unfortunately, we discovered that we did not elect a fighter nor a leader but a Master of Compromises. Patient, earnest, hardworking, Mr. Smith has finally arrived in Washington. What irony! The Nobel Peace Prize WAS indeed well deserved. Anybody facing the horde of foaming at the mouth two-headed monsters created by this new bizarre Republican/Tea Party hybrid and who still tries to create equitable, level-handed solutions through sane, reasonable dialogue do deserve it.

There's very little time left to combat all the lies by omissions, insinuations or pure fabrications of the Murdoch/Aile/Koch brothers Tribe however: time to forget the Peace Prize and get dirty.

When the Republicans will get back at the trough, guess who's going to get blame for every single mess? Who will be left standing but emptied, chewed and spit out? You and us, both.

Your only friends left then, Mr. President, are the one who elected you. We might sound unreasonable to you. Socially conscious. Progressive even. But wait and see and compare with the rest. Wait and see who's ready to lend you a hand. And who's too busy selling everything from the chandelier to the crystal cup to the highest bidder to even look at you drowning.

For this a-coming group of 'concerned, fair, balanced, independent, true, patriotic, free enterprise-loving, papa, mama, baby, BS selling, dancing, Alaskan Bears' paid citizenry, bipartisanship means one thing only: 'Give all government funds to corporate interests. No strings attached.' The dialogue you yearn for is pretty much a one way street.

They are ready to do what they did best before: restructuring (read bankrupt) America. After selling the country's jobs and technology on the cheap to outside interests - incongruously strengthening and enlarging those nations' middle class all the while shrinking ours - they are now at the point of dismantling basic services.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the department of Education.... All will be hollowed out and the funds allocated to lawless, unsupervised private corporations. Costs will soars, the rich/poor divide widen. They see it as a 'business cycle'. The pendulum will swing while they drink champagne. We all can see it as madness.

I know it's hard for you to see that they do not care. Really, believe us,  they do not. But you do. So try not to play the role assign to you by their well funded think-thanks and believe in your own word: you can make a difference. 
You still can, Mr. President. But you do need to wake up and get some fighting Rambo-style help....

Insist on the words sanity, decency, common good. Keep on saying that you will fight for the middle class until your last breath. Put the tea drinkers on the defensive: they're not even sure why they are there themselves. Give Howard Dean a call, thank him for a fantastic BBC interview where he defended your position eloquently and forcefully. Give Krugman and Nouriel Rubini a call. Bernanke was wrong and they were right, there's not much more to be discussed here, really. Call Clinton - can't escape him, he's the oasis President between two Desert Storm campaigns- and the new DLC chairman, Harold Ford, tell them you won't go in the middle.  Nothing in the middle but dead possum. Triangulation satisfies no one but corporate interests. The 50 states strategy worked. It's now or never the time to be on the message in the party. Tell them that a parrot could do what the Republicans do: repeat, repeat, repeat until we hear nothing but their voices and all else is dwarfed.

Just repeat a different message: 'As for the Republicans attack on the middle class: the buck stops here!'

Oh, by the way, speaking of Truman: don't forget that China was behind North Korea in the 50's. they still are.

Good Luck, Mr. President. We still love you: who could replace you? Seriously, with Hillary gone, who can? Don't be a stranger: meet us on Huff Post.

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