Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The 'BenBernanke' and us: How Our Tax Money Still Lined Goldman Sach's Back Pockets

Masses, educate thyself on the mystery of the Fed and how our tax money  find its way, unimpeded as we speak, to the people that are still laughing on their way to the bank at lonely Bernie Madoff: Goldman Sachs. Wait! They own the bank!

I understand we have to spend. I know that deflation is a wicked, slow, vicious spiraling down the tube of an economy. I'm totally for monetary measure that ease credit lending to small businesses and individuals (if the different banks and creditors involve decides one day to lend again, which they haven't done yet, sitting instead on enormous mass of liquidity. Probably waiting for the Repug to take power before opening the floodgates again, all the while giving credit to the party of 'No, hell, no!') And please, taxes for the middle class are lower now than before.

So, of course, take this video with a grain of salt. Some of the most debilitated elements from the anarchist fringe of the tea drinker party repeat those same talking point memo item as religious truth and reason enough to take down the government.

But, still : Goldman Sachs!!!! Anyway you put it, we are royally screwed...

All the same, a very funny 5 minutes of your time. It all starts by a beautiful day of quantitative easing...

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