Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can Daschle do it?

Well, some big shot from the right is scared enough and he elegantly put forth a way to keep citizen of this country to get healthcare because he never traveled (trust me, if he did, he would have seen how absurd to believe that the United States can continue to have a huge unhealthy, uninsured workforce and still think it is competitive) and he hopes the really unhealthy ones will just die, this being a Darwin world and all that.

I still can't believe that in this day and age there are people that can't see that you get more through cooperation than simplistic, genocidal Darwinist fantasy.

Moreover, I still can't believe that, after the Wall Street debacle and the slow decline of the middle class into poverty, there are still people claiming that the free market will win the day. They still define success for this country by what 1% of its population have in their bank account!!

It's insane. Telling them that it will be good for the majority make them give a reflex reaction to the word "majority" or "common". Or "good". THEY are the one that , as the Repug nutwing that they are, more than anything want to be part of an elite. The rich destructive one. That's all.

The Reasons to Fear, according to US News and World Report:

1) Passage would be a political gamechanger.
2) Shrinking government would get exponentially tougher
3) Republicans better earn to competently talk healthcare.

In other word, they want poor people to somehow scrapped the money themselves to pay the companies and feel "empowered" by that simple Darwinian fact. Because "relieving the patient of the stress of making decision about treatment" or the fact that he or she "does not have to worry about shopping around for the best price" is a bad thing.

Oh, and Obama is your worst nightmare. Not Bush and his mess. No. Focus on Obama. Now.

(And number two is just so funny!!! Imagining the Republicans shrinking ANYTHING is funny!! Ego, Scandals, Budget, Waste, War, Injustice, Unemployment, Mess... The only thing they shrink are taxes for the rich...)

So lots of opposition against the Healthcare system. I don't understand since there are so many model of it working in different countries all over the world to great success and not one have gone Bolshevik yet. I think.

Can Daschle kill those flim flam excuses for the masses without a filibuster?

That's what I'm wondering. I didn't read his book and I know he helped Hillary with the same problem before so it won't be his first time at the bat. Can he not be played and made the fool by the PA attitude of the Republicans?

Easy to see what they will do: they will simply claim how bad it will be for the working class. It is their only lie and it is their best.

It has already started:"Uncle Sam would require individuals and families to put 15 percent of their income into health savings accounts. If you run out of money before year-end, the government steps in. If you don't, you get the money back or it rolls over into a retirement account."

Bet you anything that they 'll present it as Obama's nightmare plan. Come on, 15% of revenue! Nobody pays that in Canada! Why would you, especially with 10 times the population.

But who will listen if Daschle is not quick enough to kill such rumors as soon as they are born, laughing at the Repugs' very small minded definition of what success is for America all the while...

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