Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Real Average American Family Problem, Insane Greedy Republican Response...

Nonsensical, greedy, "Give-us-your-money" Republican Fantasy Response of the Day:

We don't need to spend on our infrastructures, we need to spend on private companies' CEOs that maybe will take care of our infrastructures for us between 2 trips to Mexico or some jet-set villa, if ever because... Well, just because.

Rove, the Rat that brought the Plague, Rat zero I guess, decided that not giving all this government money to rich people like in the good old 19th century would be just craaa-zy!

From Alternet:
Posted by Ali Frick, Think Progress on December 24, 2008 at 1:17 PM.

Yesterday, a water main break in Maryland trapped a dozen commuters in their cars and sent rescuers scrambling to pull motorists from frigid floodwaters. Despite the fact that officials had been warning for years of the dangers of the crumbling pipe system, Maryland did not have the money to make the necessary repairs. As ThinkProgress noted yesterday, the water main break is a wake-up call for the need for massive infrastructure spending by the federal government.

Just hours after the water main break, however, Karl Rove belittled the idea of infrastructure spending on Fox News, calling it "goofy, pie-in-the-sky spending ideas," and agreed with host Rich Lowry that infrastructure spending doesn't "make[] any economic sense":

ROVE: What we've got to worry about some of these sort of goofy, pie-in-the-sky spending ideas in which this wisdom of the government is substituted for the wisdom of private individuals in the market, and there we have every right to question. For example, look, I'm in favor of infrastructure spending, but let's be honest about it. It's not stimulative. [...]

LOWRY: It also depends on -- just because it's an infrastructure project doesn't mean it makes any economic sense.

ROVE: Exactly.

Remember, we just gave lots of money - almost 3 trillion as been earmark so far- to complete incompetent strangers and then we forget all about it while waiting for a miracle?

Well, Joseph Linkin in Huff Post underscored the crucial fact that that money could not be asked back. Whatever happen, we have no legal ground to ask it back or to know what happened to it!!:

"Back when Henry Paulson wrote up the proposed $700 billion bailout package, it contained this part called "Section 8," whose thirty-two words basically precluded any or all efforts to hold anyone involved in the disbursement of these monies accountable:

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

The mainstream media totally missed this. Today, they are all yelling at banks, wondering what happened to all the money. It's quite pathetic, really."

Yeah. We GAVE the money away and whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

So, of course, if I was as soulless and morally bankrupt as Rove I would simply ask for more because this is tooo easy!

Truthout's Bill Quigley reminds us of another place where American Citizens gave millions and trillions in "help" money away that never got to the people that really deserved help in the first place: New Orleans:

"Unless citizens are vigilant and demanding, the entire US will be subjected to the same forces that swept through the Gulf Coast after Katrina - spending huge amounts of money and leaving a second disaster behind.

Despite promises of buckets of bucks, New Orleans still has 60,000 abandoned homes. Media reports say that 75 percent of the abandoned buildings have homeless people sleeping in them. Public health care, public education and public housing are all less available and being thoroughly privatized. Crime is sky high, though we still have 100 National Guard members patrolling our streets.

So, what lessons can be learned from Katrina world that apply to the financial bailout?

First, demand transparency. Insist on knowing how much money is being spent, by whom it is being spent, who is receiving it and for what reasons....

Second, keep a constant watch out for predators. Many interests feast on the suffering of others. ...

Third, people have to participate in the decisions. During and after a disaster, there is a vacuum of leadership, and those with the most resources usually rush in, declare an emergency and then go on to make decisions about what has to be done. Not surprisingly, these folks are focused on taking care of their own interests first, and often second and third. We cannot let emergencies be the excuse to avoid democratic decision-making.

Fourth, the human rights of the least powerful must be made a conscious priority. This is the exact opposite of what happens. The human right to housing, land, livelihood and freedom from discrimination must guide the response to the emergency....

Fifth, insist on gender equity. Experiences show a systematic violation of the rights of women in every phase of disasters. ...

If our citizens and organizations demand these five principles be respected and followed, there is a chance that the post-bailout environment will not end up like the post-Katrina landscape of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Because there is one iron rule in responding to disaster - once that money is gone, it is not coming back."

American Citizens must start to see that THEY are the government and when Rove and his Rat Pack Plague Club steal and bleed the government, its their families, teachers, schools, hospitals, and yes, infrastructures that pay the price. As for the Rats, they are long gone under the sun, sipping margaritas in their tax payer paid villas.

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