Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Paul Krugman: In a Nutshell...

Krugman:the Movie
"The casting choice is obvious: George Clooney. Clooney with a beard could almost be Krugman's twin. Both Krugman and Clooney are unabashed liberals, so it should be a good fit. Krugman: brainy and bearded. Clooney: the same. What more do you want?"

While the Seattle Pi web site is going gaga in a very funny way, we just want to congratulate Krugman on his Nobel today. When I read the Salon interview that you can find here, I welcome his calm, sane voice free of the false anxious marketing matted "optimism" that is based on denial and neuroticism:

"So the answer is to relearn our grandfathers' lessons: Highly leveraged financial institutions have to be regulated and insured."

Well, duh!!

It worked well before "Saving and Loans Scandal" pope Max Headroom II Ronald Reagan decided that the poor had enough, even maybe a bit too much, so why don't we make it easier for some to break the bank - literally - while we make it harder for the other to make a buck so only 1% of the whole country population can finally live happily ever after.

"Ideology played a big role -- but we should also bear in mind that the shadow banking system was making a few people incredibly rich. And that much wealth distorts policy, not just through campaign contributions and the revolving door, but because people who make that much money come across as masters of the universe who know what they're doing."

Nice to see another Tom Wolfe fan.

Say what you want but I do believe that the American Brain has been manipulated to crowned any suit and tie in a Volvo or black SUV as a superior moron. A moron maybe - we still can laugh at him - but a superior one that somehow we can let make life altering, country reframing decisions based on nothing than the kind of car he drives or if he was on TV last night or if he would accept us for a casual beer. Hannity, Limbaugh, Malkin made it easier (for some reason I personally cannot understand) to accept the policies of Wall Street bankers and Enron-like Ziegfield follies addicts UberCEOs that made it easier to take Edward Lazear, Michael "potato chips" Boskin and Greg "flipping burger is a manufacture job" Mankiw seriously.

Which made some of us trust Bush.

"If they are rich they cannot be wrong", some of you might have thought. Then you found out that they are rich because they have been robbing you blind. If you are older and you lost your retirement nest egg because of these irresponsible fools policies, I feel for you. A hard wind's gonna blow and you were the first to feel its cruel, cruel chill...


  1. Thanks for the link to Progressive Blog Digest. I have added you to my blog list as well.

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  2. Thanks Nick!

    Great digest of the news stories on Blagojevich.
    Great pix too!