Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Of Mystic Yoga and the Kennedys


No Politics?!!!

You know its a low cycle when all people can talk about is a shoe. Not that this guy doesn't deserve some praise. I would have gladly given him my shoe to throw. Hell, I would have thrown it myself to the face of the indulgent monster saying "So what?!" to all the innocent people killed in Iraq.

I guess Bush just said his famous last words. We'll know how history will remember him by...before the Repug slice and dicing major face lift revision, I mean. It's already started, Repugs being efficient little drone after all. But hearing Joe the Plumber comparing himself to Muntather Zaidi might make the incarcerated journalist want to throw up and throw another shoe at Wurzelbacher's smug opportunistic face.

But still, what else is there? Caroline Kennedy?
What an ironic microcosm of the history of feminism. Sure Hillary was just another Clinton when she started her NY senate campaign but she did earn her dues, facing a voracious Republican venom machine and winning. Since then, she has that perpetually tired look on her face... Caught between a lefty, philandering smooth talker and rabid wingnut dogs, I would look worn out too.

And now, after all of Hillary's effort to clear a path to the Senate, she gets whisk away by a tall dark handsome stranger and its the youngish Kennedy that gets the throne without breaking a sweat!
Yes, I know. Kennedy did her part (with her uncle Ted) to help Obama elected. But the obvious reason here for the Camelot move is successoral: Let's not forget that the Kennedys need politics as much as left wing politics needs the Kennedys.

The very sudden tragic illness of the Kennedy Political Patriarch make grooming the next generation more urgent probably than what was anticipated. So Caroline will be thrown into the arena now, and not just as a witness to usher help as a silent shadow/donor. I hope she's ready: getting there is one thing, staying is a whole other ball game. I wish her luck ...and a very thick skin.


Since my computer caught some ugly bug, since I had to stay awake all night with Nikky, My Dell and me as sick as sick can be, Ladies and Gentlemen,

let me introduce to you, the "Emotional Health" Moment.

I think even Hillary should read it and weep.
From the Everyday Health web site, my emphasis throughout:

Nurturing Yourself

While you may know a great deal about nurturing others, advancing your own needs may not be second nature.

It’s common wisdom, for example, that women spend a larger percentage of their waking hours nurturing others than men do. Whether women work outside the home or not, studies suggest they average more time tending house and loved ones. If you’re a woman, odds are good that you provide the emotional glue that holds relationships and families together. You buy the birthday cards, pick up the phone to offer help or support when someone’s sick, and do much of the work or coordination of services involved in caring for elderly parents, children, grandchildren, and spouses in need of assistance. Our culture expects you to be self-sacrificing. Your own needs may take last place; putting yourself first is cast as selfishness.

For men, our society places great emphasis on getting ahead. That can encourage a single-minded focus on career to the detriment of other activities. In this way, men are discouraged from indulging their nurturing side.

Just as women are pressed from the get-go to give to others, men are pushed toward the receiving end. That creates imbalances and potential sources of distress for both sexes. If you’re a woman, you may not feel comfortable taking time to refresh yourself. If you’re a man, you may not have much practice creating your own nurturing rituals and, like your female counterpart, you may feel uneasy doing so. Clearly, women and men can benefit from learning to focus on themselves in healthy, rejuvenating ways.

The art of self-nurture is not a single technique. Rather, it’s an overarching concept for your life, says psychologist Alice D. Domar in her book Self-Nurture. The spark you gain from nurturing your imagination, career, relationships, sex life, or spiritual side amplifies the healing effects of other stress-relief techniques. "

Breathe Hillary. And thank you for all the hard work!

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