Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Racism Within The GOP!!: No? Really?!!

Some people just woke up from their Reagan induced slumber and just discovered that the GOP have been exploiting the "race card" since the Max Headroom days of blaming all ills on the Black welfare queen (while staying silent on the plight of the many poor women - Black, White or other - trying to live with their family on a couple of hundred bucks a month - may they be working on minimum wage or not.)

They are so surprised that they do not ask themselves how come the GOP strategy was so successful that they did not even need another for over a quarter of a century, with exception to the "my G-O-D is a white, ignorant, mean, short tempered, racist, control freak just like me and he votes for the G-O-P" reductive approach to religion that they try to feverishly shovel down our collective throat all these years.

They are so astounded that they believe that the discovery of a racist ditty in the Republicans' CD collection would mean the demise of the resentment addict political party and the embarrassment of their members. Those fragile, blind souls forgot all about Strum Thurmond, Trent Lott, Georges Wallace or Barry Goldwater. As if racism was some new benign disease that the Republicans would soon be cured of as they will stop claiming "reverse racism" and "state rights" before joining Obama's inauguration party and dance the night away.

So those nice people really do believe that the Republicans are doing some "soul searching". They don't see how funny that sentence is or how full of BS any neonut Repug claiming a soul can be. As when they say they want to "talk" about race. Or they think the press is "hypersensitive" about their racist agenda. All they want right now is to set a way to criticize, ridicule and insult Obama without being call racist to their face. As always, they hope that the Press corp will let them be as disgustingly, violently bigoted as possible without any political repercussions.

And usually the Press will play their game diligently, letting them off the hook without calling them on their reprehensive behaviour. May it be the Idiot-In-Chief devastating war games and illegal schemings or their Alaskan Barbie ugly divisive political views, the Press has no more of the old courageous souls trying to set the record straight for us and protecting the rights of the normal citizen. Most just want to get in bed with power and money, and if this bedfellow is racist - so be it!

Anyway, check out Huffington Post' Sam Stein's story about The Repug's Holidays Soul Searching Hour - I don't believe they spend more time than that on a non stealing-scheming-money grabbing activity. Read if you want a good laugh, the comments are the best part.

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