Friday, December 12, 2008

The Republicans: Leaving the Country Bankrupt and Proud of It!

The US Press is Playing Hangman Again...

Remember my question about Fitzgerald? Well, I always forget that if Kenneth Starr was the right brutish, dauntless hound dog, the Press was the hunt party beater.

Obama's not even swear in yet that the Repugs tiring tactics have already started. Shame on the Dems if they do not know how to react to the same strategy line time and again!! Because, the Repugs might unquestionably be an organized, disciplined, relentless bunch but they do lack imagination. They learn a trick (and like Microsoft, they are not about innovation, their tricks are usually somebody else's idea, yet they adapt it to fit their own need like a glove...) and use it till its threads are exposed for all to see. So I seriously do not understand how the democrats can act so surprise each time!

For example, in California, they're doing the same bait and switch as usual calling the Press saying that the Dems are not playing "fair", that they are being too partisan, while they are the ones being ridiculously rigid and partial. They're a pouting, rabid pack of two years old every time they don't get their way and the Dems acts like irresponsible, overprotective hen mothers.

Democrats need to stop protecting their collective ass and the Republican idiots that's kicking it!!!

If ever you have dealt with passive aggressive narcissists before , you already recognized the pattern of shifting blame and diverting attention toward trivial matters while the house's on fire!

I hope that Obama's analysts and core strategists understand that the Republicans WILL TRY AGAIN, they will keep derailing all beneficial or constructive endeavors, communications and ideas. It is a compulsion. A need to sabotage every attempt that the democrat show of moving ahead, or solving a problem. And I really hope that what Obama is doing right now that's working is being done consciously and not just because he alone is smart enough not to be suck into the uncooperative, stubborn Republican vortex of useless obstructions.

It's time for Democrat to stop reacting to them and set the pace themselves, like Obama is doing, by ignoring the temper tantrums and repeat incessantly the message that need to be carried through to the population, explaining to them how it will benefit the country as a WHOLE and not only the gentlemen of the country club.

As Dave Johnson observed in a post on his Seeing the Forest blog, California is being threaten of massive layoffs by the Repug AND they killed an industry that is responsible for 5% of the total jobs in the United States.

But somehow, the Democrats have failed to explain that to the population and get their point across.

And yet, I just know there is a good chance that they'll fail this country even more when they'll start to play their usual martyr role, and panicking, appoint all their resources to answer the usual round of unsubstantiated accusations, leaving all our hope for change in the dust.

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