Saturday, November 8, 2008

64% of Republicans want your body, Sarah!

She is a tour de force! So cute and winking that she just MUST be our next Max Headroom-like Repug puppet president! Well, that seem to be the Republican logic train of thoughts since I do not see how they can otherwise justify this desire of theirs.

If you want to read more about it, here's a link to HuffPost:

On a more serious matter, I'm still researching the background info on the possible candidate to Obama's "Dream Team" cabinet. In my own cabinet, I tried to give a good number of women and minorities a chance. But I did overlook Eric H. Holder jr. as a major choice. I like this article from, of all places, where Holder define himself in his own words. They did not endear me to him, but his positions did not totally make me revile him either. If he is chosen, I live - even if some of what he says make me cringe.

But it is a light cringe. Not a Larry Summer "gag me from morning till night" cringe fest. Still, Jennifer Granholm would be my fave. A woman who is NOT name Janet and she was Michigan Attorney General. Moreover, she is a clear lefty, not a rorschach inkblot test. She's the most anti-Palin out there after Hillary. Gotta to have that!

Info on Holder:

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