Saturday, November 8, 2008

Still Hoping for a Conversation Between Adults...

Great piece I read today in the New Yorker: (

It echoes some of my concerns: people did not celebrate in the street after Obama's election because they elected the 1rst Black President of the United-States. Well, there was some of that, of course, but it was mostly a collective cry of relief. We all exhaled, as Terry McMillan used to put it, at the same time because our worst fear was 4 more years of insanity and just plain criminality against us all accepted in silence.

The majority of this nation voted against all that Bush and his criminally insane posse represent and there is no reason to think that that same majority wants a rehash of the milquetoast, "all things to all people", eunuch-like of a position that is the Third Way.

Don't get me wrong: I love the Clintons. Bill got us out of a mess and gave us a surplus, while Hillary's courage in front of the Repug's rabid dog pack never cease to amaze me. They had to invent that "Third Way" because WE, as a people, were not ready then. And because of a lack of coordination in congress, Gingrich and the "I see god in my toasts every morning" loony club ate their balls for breakfast.

But we will never be more ready than now for a FDR type of upheaval. So I do hope that all that talk about "bipartisanship" is just that: talk. I hope it is a way to force the neocons to show if they can abandon the pigsty they love to muck around so much to prove they can play and work with others that do not believe in their goddess Sarah Palin.

We will have to choose between liberal economy or liberal politics.

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