Sunday, November 9, 2008

All the President's Men

Damn. Politico got ahead of me on this.
Scott Kesterson must be credited to have opened my eyes on the issue through his fantastic pieces The Other Side of Paradise I & II on the HuffPost:

Kesterson was in Afghanistan during the election and he recorded the reaction of the servicemen and women present. I must say it wasn't what I expected. I left a post on Huff about it but it was "moderated" even though I wasn't insulting or disrespectful to anyone. I just stated my dismay.

I said that I saw the courage, determination and selflessness in the us soldiers' everyday decision to sacrifice and to serve for us. But I did not understand why all their collective anger was not directed to the one who put them there under false pretenses in the first place. Bush lied. Bush took them for a suicidal ride.

I think I continued by underlining the fact that we, the civilians, were fighting to bring them home. We were fighting too in our own way: not with guns and missiles but through cutting the bull that the present administration dispense like candies to the diabetics. Their only hope is that we as a nation get sick enough and paralyzed enough to let them do whatever they want with the place.

We were fighting to stop the war not because we do not respect the Army but because we respect and love it enough to want to protect the soldiers and their lives and use them in a way that is not wasted and careless.

The truth is that the real war is INSIDE our borders now. The devil is wearing a suit and tie, and the enemy is looting and stealing and destroying every institution of this country, that the servicemen love so much, for their own profligate pleasure. The selfish and the greedy are now laying the ruin of the country that they attacked under the military nose for all to see on CNN, laughing all the while.

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