Friday, November 14, 2008

What to do with Hillary?

She is smart, courageous, strong, tenacious, ridiculously more than Palin's "capable"....
So what do we do with her?

I have seen the different news reports saying that she is being considered as SoState.
I have stated before that Bill Richardson was my choice for all that he would bring in this position: an articulated foreign policy outlook, actual experience brokering peace treaties and prisoners' release and the respect of the Hispanic caucus.

OK, he is not perfect and the concealed handgun law or the offshore drilling job is not to be put on his immediate resume for now.

But we do have to say to our new President: enough Clinton's leftover already! Hillary was my first choice as President but now that the other jobs are filled with Clintonian ghosts we do have to ask that Obama gives a chance to other less obvious choices.

We need new faces too. The fact that Lieberman is staying is bad enough as it is and announced a future catastrophe of Shakespearian proportion. One day we will hear Obama utter "Et tu, Brute?" while looking at Lieberman's pretty snickering face.

But in the meantime, what to do with Hillary?
Why not ask her? Isn't she in a good enough position as she is? Can't we count on her to kick Pelosi's scaredy-cat ass once in a while?

But if it's being a Secretary she wants, cautious, "Third Way" advocate, "I voted for the Iraq war" Hillary will needs to ask herself first who she wishes to be. I hope the "I don't bake cookies", I want Medicare for all Hillary will re-surface soon.

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