Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You're in good hands! That you want it or not...

5 reasons why you should think that you're in good hands with Obama as President...
That you want it or not!

5. Rahm Emanuel:
Obama decide to break with the goody-goody image of the Democratic Party by appointing a man that Republicans fear and call "Rahmbo"as his CoS! Isn't that just music to your ears!...

4. Obama was even able to bring out the best out of McCain, Bush ...and Condi and Michele "Wish those were the 50's, I would burn all Dems at the stake" Bachman
The only good thing of McCain's campaign was is concession speech. Rabid dog Bachman put her tail between her legs for two seconds and talk of an historic election. Condi, well, she showed human emotions for the first time on tv and had some sort of liquid in her eyes when she spoke of Barack Obama win as making her proud. Those are life altering events.. for Repugs and those who can't stand them. He's changing all of us!

3.Obama recognize the "last minute" Bush bill gifts problem and said there won't be any.
Bush, working for first time in month and probably feeling the pain, is right now placing all kind of little mementoes, last minute regulations, in the Justice Department, Environmental Laws, Consumer Protection Law, you name it. Obama made it clear that these would be overturned as soon as he grab his White House chair.
Great article by R. Jeffrey Smith in the LA Times:

2. Obama seems to be a fantastic husband and father.
It might sound lame and nobody knows what happens behind close doors but, let's face it: Obama and Michelle seems like GENUINELY loving couple and concerned parents. Even among my parents and neighbours I do not know of any other couple with kids that simply shines and oozes with healthy, original, harmonious vibes! We just hope they can giveus some of that to us citizens. Please adopt us!!

1. Control of the Lobby People
Well I do not mean perfection because anyone who claim it is suspect. Obama supposedly has taken money from the Health Care and and some lawyers lobby. Well, he IS a lawyer and if those health care lobbyist wants health care reform for all, I do hope they give him gobs of money. But that would be hypocritical of me but what I think - and I would love to see the proof - is that most of the money came from grassroot organizations fighting for the same ideals as him. And you know, if the Gun Lobby wants to pay every Repugs jets for life, let them!!
Flawed but good article here, at the Columbia Journalism Review: http://www.cjr.org/campaign_desk/obamas_lobbyist_line.php

Two reasons that keep me awake at night:

1. Obama's Afghan War Plan.
What?! We're staying?!!!

2.Obama wants Lieberman to stay in the Dem's caucus.
What?! He's staying?!!!

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