Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Never Too Early to Say Thank You to Those Who Made You Feel Alive

I came back wired, energized, electrified by one of the best shows I've seen in my life. Thank you Trent Reznor for your performance. You gave it your all despite a crowd that almost gave Montreal a bad name!

It started well enough with TV on the Radio songs to warm up the crowd! That was a gift. BUT. I've been going to shows since I'm 12 years old and this might have been one of the most bourgeois uptight bloody useless crowd I've seen in a while. People were sitting down, clapping after every songs and waiting for clues from Trent like automatons! WTF!!! This is a SHOW: YOU make it happen! If you do not stand up, scream, dance, show some sign that you are alive, who the bloody hell will! People were having a hissy fit every time somebody would get up their seat, for hell sake!

Anyhow, Trent just won them over with one of the most visually beautiful show possible. The rhythm was well calibrated, the sound perfect, the crescendo impeccable. The only thing missing was communication. When Trent finally talked to the crowd, AT THE END OF THE SHOW, all hell brake loose. Maybe a tid bit late, no? But I felt good. I'm too short for the pit but I wished I would have been down there (I was just a breath away from them) just going nuts. Can't wait for next time.

Now what show to go see next time? TV on the Radio is in Europe, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, old favorite are coming to town. Calexico too though it's next week and I'm broke. Wish The Walkmen or Ray Lamontagne or The Dears would visit soon...

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