Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lieberman is smiling!! Why? Why?!!!

Why is this man smiling?

We need his vote not his Benedict Arnold of the 21rst Century act .
I'm sure some other soft core Repug - less schizo prone and sociopathic - are dying to ride the Obama wave now, no?
Do you think he will be politically a sound bet and vote with the Dems that humiliated him?

And what did I say about Reid ?
Pro-lifer, pro-Defense of Marriage Act, pro-death penalty, pro-Iraq war, ultimately voted for the Patriot Act Senator Reid...
When did he firmly and openly fight Republicans' hijack of the Senate through filibusters galore?

Worst : what is Obama doing keeping him?
I understand the concept of detente but this is too much of a gamble and I can almost already see the knife plunge in our collective back by Mr. Connecticut for Sale Joe.

Can't wait 'till Franken and others come change the tempo of the impotency tragedy that the Senate has become. Plutocracy fan club or not, the same old, same old routine can't continue forever...
The Dems have power now and they do not want to touch it with a 10 ft pole.

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