Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'll Calm Down the Hulk and Put the Gloves Back On...

I've been going on a limb in my rants lately. I'm usually the cool, calm, collected dark lady in the room but Republican double-talk and seeing how people are almost considering millions of workers like they are trash to be disposed of without a second thought made me lose it.

Some people do not want to give money to the billionaire crooks, but they do. But at the same time they would like to help the economy and the middle class, then they don't.

And all this is rationalized in such an elegant, superficial way that I look like a radical prog, which I'm not. Not really.

But I won't go all melodrama queen on you so, today, I'll put my David Banner's nerdy glasses back on and read my HuffPost calmly while sipping my morning tea.

Still, cool Spidey/Hulk pic , huh?

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  1. that picture is funny really ,,,,i thought i could use as a render,,bu the picture is little small