Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Republicans are all big, fat, lying, thieving idiots: here's how to figth them

Or Begich wins, suckers!!! And Franken soon will too!!!

"...the country's best-known radio talk-show host wasted no time using our airwaves to attack the president-elect for preaching "racism" and "socialism," and for creating our current economic collapse by scaring off potential investors who fear higher taxes. "The Obama recession is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen," Limbaugh proclaimed only two days after the election. "Stocks are dying, which is a precursor of things to come. This is an Obama recession. Might turn into a depression.""
-Steve Weissman, Truthout Web site

So it is an Obama recession, Rush. Got a little bit ahead of your next whiteline for this one, isn't it Rush. My favorite conservative cokehead is all "bipartisan" happy right now, spinning the next improbable tale of the Republican Agenda.

It shows clearly the next revolutionary tactic that the Republicans will adopt as they try to win their peau-de-chagrin base back: more of the same but more rabid, foolish and empty than usual. I did notice too that clear talking-points Repugs web-bots or brainwashed fake dems are springing a bit everywhere on left blogs' comment space. Republicans take nazi mastermind Goebbel at his word and apply every one of his recipes for "national enligthenment": radio, press, tv, now web. All media are blanketed by one message under all the joe the plumber , Bill Ayers, hate the Clinton nonsense: destroy and control.

Destroy as a mean, control as an end. This type of very disciplined, organized, deliberate sabotage of democratic freedoms and collective wealth for the benefit of a few won't just disappear because of an election. After all, they were in power for so long before, they could describe that fact as a success. They'll readjust. That's all. But they won't go away. For Rush and co to get their coke and bonbons they need to lie and attack and keep at it until nothing is left but their voices.

So the Republican party is not "down in the dump", or in "bad shape" or , if only, are they going to "self-destruct" anytime soon. They're barely wounded. And they are still dangerous. I am all for ignoring Palin: she has nothing but winks and lipstick jokes. But Savage, cokeline Rush or, it's all the same, Michele Bachmann are different. They have a base, a regular appointment with it and an habit of using false flag operations to augment or strengthen this base.

So how do we fight them?

Here's what I found: the axioms of counter propaganda:

Axiom 1: When they intensify. downplay.

Axiom 2: When they downplay, intensify.

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We need to literally level the playing field even in the area of conceptual thoughts and argumentation. We need to oppose them effectively by shining light where they would rather we keep the statue quo and downplay their hysterics.

"Realistic assumptions must be made: power exists, weakness exists. The strong do not voluntarily give up power. Total equality will never exist. Yet, a movement toward equality is better than a movement away."

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Then, education and getting ourselves good legislators, judges and lawyers that would pass and protect fair laws are our best bets.

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  1. Gee wizzz buddy calm down.
    Just because the market falls 20% after Obama is elected and non of the bail money has been released doesn't mean Obama is the cause.
    (ok I am laughing over that)
    Of course he is responsible, good grief the sell off is to avoid his increases in cap gains tax you idiot.
    from Cindy