Friday, November 14, 2008

All That and World Hunger Too!

So we gave Obama a paper clip, a light flare, some light bulbs, a couple of loaded dice and are now expecting him to solves all the world's problems and then some!

Some are touting the end of white guilt - because they do not see how everyday African Americans still have to fight regularly for minimum respect under the threat of the prison goulag and permanent civil disfranchisement. Some other just killed racism in its sleep, so sure they are that a black president represent the possibilities of all African Americans - while they easily ignore negative cultural environment, bad schools, lowered job prospects, higher costs for basic services at lower pay because of discrimination, etc...

I admit that I am excited by a new era in black culture where the leftover toxicity of the Reagan years can finally wear off and we will not compulsively define and limits our people by our errors - that are solely human and shared by all other culture on this earth despite their assurance of the contrary - but by our heroes and and our positive contribution to the world. We are not dogs, bitches, hoes, somebody's baby mamas, somebody else's nigga and our world, our realities are not stopped by the frontiers of some ghetto. Everything everywhere is also ours. We can change all of it and some have been changing some of it, not only by sport, music and attitude but by exploring their talent in so many other fields.

I traveled a lot and I have seen how hip hop was adopted everywhere as a communication tool by all culture to defy the established order of their country. I was proud of this but at the same time I wished they also knew of our pioneers in medicine, science, the arts. All of them had to fight, as Obama did, the character assassination attempt that is racism and the contempt of lowered expectation, that hypocritical double edge-sword.

For like the new President-Elect, those brave souls had also to constantly prove their right to exist, by being not only good, but close to perfect. They had to exceed, surpass, fly higher, faster. And they had to be ready for the ritual stoning at their slightest mistake.

Because this too shall come: Obama will face some serious backlash when people will see him not as a saviour anymore but as a human being. Racism has two simple faces: positive where everything that a culture, or an individual from that culture, does is taken to be superior and close to perfection. Or negative, and we all know what that is, Palin and McCain were so counting on it to get elected.

Being a human being is define by one color for a lot of people. Obama will show them how untrue that is and some of them are really not ready for the shock. He's not MacGyver, he's not MLK, he's not FDR not even LBJ. He's our new President and he will trace he's own path of triumphs and errors.

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