Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Punish the Auto Execs, Not the Auto Workers....

As I said before, the auto industry is guilty of many complacent moves that brought upon them the wrath of economical hell that they're feeling right now.

But I did also say that almost 5% of all American jobs hang in the balance. That's almost 3 million jobs, people, human beings with families!

Who do you think benefit from this monumental failure? NOBODY!

If we can give 700 billions to a small number of corporate crooks, we sure can give a hand to those workers and their families !

There is no economy without consumers and poor consumers make for a bad economy! The warhead rich cannot save this country economy by themselves by buying a couple of jets and hiring people at 8.55$ an hour!

The 25 billions that the industry is seeking should come with string attached, of course, but it should come.

Repugs show that they really do want a bankrupt country that they can manoeuvre as they like just like before FDR's New Deal.

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