Monday, November 10, 2008

Animated by proxy

When I have 25 minutes between kids, university, papers, blogging, reading, pics hunting, managing the ex-hubby and drooling on the scrumptious Michael Reznor, I watch animes.

I know, I know... the sudden urge to shudder, smile, nod and run the other way just overcame you and you already have your mouse in your right hand. Now just drop it a minute!

Yes there is very creepy, close to child molesting advocacy, gross, toe curling-ly brain empty animes out there. I admit. But as in any art form, you have to separate the shit from the masterpieces.

This season Xam'd and Kurozuka are good bets. The first episode of Gai-Rei is a classic while the rest of the series is starting to tumble and fall into all the cliches of a soap opera. A bad one, if I must be precise. And after Obama, we can now see one of the most elaborate black character of japanese anime in Michiko e Hatchin. Well, she's kind of a super pin-up hot gun-crazy Brazilian but believe me in the world of anime, this IS a step forward.

I'll give you THE list of the best animes I've seen so far and I've been watching them for years... For now, a nice streaming site is Kumby:

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