Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stop that welfare check to Donald Trump!!

Okay, so liberalism mean survival of the fittest and a laissez-faire, laissez-aller attitude regarding the market... and welfare checks to bank so they could pay those million dollar bonuses on time and not lend a dime to the little people?!!

Reagan the Master Deregulator told us everything will be ok... before disappearing in the mist of the S&L scandal. There was a write-off there too. We've just finished paying for it almost 20 years later, Clinton giving us a balanced budget AND a surplus of 230 billion when Bush came to power by ways unknown and unseen before. We've been seeing the sack of Rome Live on CNN since. But Bush being Bush, which mean being on vacation or looting us folk blind, his idea of a smooth transition mean there won't be NOTHING left after him. Everything not screw on tight will just be sold to the highest, richest bidder. Yeah...Smooth allright!

So the good new is the next "stimulus package" is veered toward middle class needs. My DD did an excellent point by point review of Obama's press conference and what HE would like to see in it. Now if only somebody could tell Nancy Pelosi. Because the bad news is Nancy Pelosi and Reid. I was happy when Pelosi got to be Speaker, I thought she would mop floors with Repug's ass and go to the bat to broker the necessary coalition to get things done. Boy, was I wrong on this one. She became the delicate Maryland belle and would bend backward to prove her need for bipartisanship. I know her job is not easy. But she could have put more pressure on the Repug to prove THEIR bipartisanship.

The Repugs are classic passive aggressive bullies putting everybody but them on the defensive while onctuously claiming their innocence and "close to Godliness" virtue. She needs to call on them to prove it. Not just act like she believe every word they say. She has to turn the table on them NOW.

And what do we do in the meantime? We pray? No, we sign petitions!! And we blog, baby, blog! Noemi Klein, Chomsky, Gailbraith and co have one on the web to bailout Main Street, not Wall Street. What I love about it is that they offer economical sound solutions that will create a trickle-up momentum to save the economy and the middle class. Take a look and sign if you're so inclined. I do not see how fighting for the middle class could be wrong but I'm sure some right-wing CNN brainwashed puppet will soon tell us it is the direct path to disaster. Bring it on!

Bailout Main Street:

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